Where to find Acting Auditions in the UK

On the following sites, professional and amateur acting auditions in the UK are listed for projects that encourage actors to submit themselves. There are always many short films, webisodes, and lower budget feature film auditions listed.

Do not submit on ANY projects if you are unable to attend the audition.  Especially not if you are outside the UK or overseas without a UK work visa.


Spotlight is the premiere casting site used by both industry professionals and independent filmmakers to post acting auditions in the UK.  Some of the audition postings are posted for submissions by talent, but many require an agent to actually submit on the projects. 


Star Now is an online casting site that has a UK auditions section.  Based in Australia, they are expanding and now post a number of independent auditions for the Brit market. 

Casting Networks

Casting Networks is one of the premiere acting audition listing sites in Hollywood.  They have a UK website, offices in Europe and are a fantastic source for auditions worldwide.