Business Coaching Program 

Imagine how fast your career could grow if you had access to a network of the most well-reputed, highly recommended and pre-screened coaches in LA for the business of acting, audition, branding, social media, self pitching, and marketing.. all of whom are currently working professionally in the film, TV, commercial, and voice over industry. 

Successful professionals in every industry hire coaches... trusted mentors who share how things work and guide them in the right direction.  One wrong piece of advice or misinformation and months or years can be lost in missed opportunities and wasted time.  

With the HSG coaching program, you aren't bound to one business coach.  With a $99 monthly subscription, you have the freedom to book one 60 minute one-on-one live session per month with whichever of the top coaches in Los Angeles fits your needs at the time.  You can specialize in branding / representation / voice work / content creation / voice work / writing /  self taping / audition prep, etc...  all scheduled from one safe location.   

If you like the coach, see them again!  If you want more variety - book with another coach the following month! 

*Note: All actors must apply and be accepted into the coaching program prior to joining.



I'm Kym Jackson, author of The Hollywood Survival Guide For Actors, and I'd like to help you become a successful working actor, today. 

Throughout my twelve years in Hollywood, I've learned many valuable lessons and developed hundreds of strategies that have enabled me to work smarter, rather than harder, to maintain a successful acting career.  I began business mentoring for actors because it matters a great deal to me to share all these secrets and lessons, and to be a guide for the next generation of artists.  

It's also the best feeling in the world to see how quickly my clients (many of whom have been struggling for years) are signing with great representation, going from zero auditions to consistently going out, and booking great jobs within just a few months! 

In researching the book, I spent thousands of hours meeting with casting directors, directors, producers, celebrities, studio executives, managers and agents.  I asked them every question any actor could possibly need to know about how to have a successful career as a working actor in Hollywood.  Trust me when I say I learned a few things...

Over the past twelve years in LA, I've figured out what works and what doesn't work.  Working with my current actors, I've found many vital action items most actors aren't aware of that have made a huge difference in moving their career forward - at lightning speed.  

What Do You Mean.. Mentorship?

The mentorship entails one-on-one monthly business coaching sessions for actors at every level. We will meet via Skype or in person for a minimum of three one hour sessions.  

I limit this to no more than twelve actors per week to ensure clear focus on each performer, hence I do need to ask actors to apply, rather than accepting everyone.  Resume is not taken into account, but dedication is.  I choose to only work with positive, focused, proactive actors.

I will meticulously coach you through every step of creating a successful career as a working actor.  We will cover:

  • Analysis of public and professional profiles and marketing materials: Ensuring you have the best possible headshots/resume/demo/website/online profiles
  • Getting you signed with solid representation (I have many very specific strategies in this area and many of my clients have secured top level representation by implementing them)
  • Social media (this is HUGE and your growth in this area will be massive - my current clients are all gaining 600 - 800 new followers on Instagram per month organically, and several now have over 20k followers which qualifies them as micro-influencers!)
  • Which classes will give you the best chance of booking work given your specific skill set
  • Specific networking that actually works - ensuring you create real lasting relationships with filmmakers & casting
  • Branding and marketing strategies to keep you top of mind with casting (my clients and myself have booked several jobs this year already using these techniques!) 

And any of the hundreds of other topics that you may need guidance and support on.  Together we will tailor and curate every step on your path to becoming a successful actor.  

The other facet of what we do will be a little more like life coaching - working on the personal struggles and blocks that are standing in the way of moving you forward.  We will work to eliminate procrastination, self sabotage, clutter (both physical and mental), and improving your overall fitness and health so you have the stamina and energy for the long hours Hollywood demands.

Here are a few thoughts I shared with Workshop Guru's Ajarae Coleman: