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Ashley Bornancin 

Hey there! I'm Ashley Bornancin, a working actress, producer and writer. I’ve seen throughout my years in Hollywood, that it isn’t always the most talented actors that end up being the working ones. Let’s be honest, how many times have you turned on the TV and thought - “That should be me!!”

I started my career in broadcast news and PR, working at companies like E! And NBC, and having spent YEARS taking every class and workshop in town, and then working with writers, producers and show runners, I began developing hundreds of strategies from all my different perspectives that have enabled me to work smarter, rather than harder to maintain a successful acting career and have coached and taught classes now for over hundreds of actors, coaching everyone from those just starting out their careers, to series regulars on TV shows, to executives working in development.

What’s so important to me is helping actors individually build their own specific career, because what I’ve learned is: there isn’t a “one size fits all."

Each and every single one of us is different, and what I am so passionate about more than ever, is helping actors hone in on their own specific gifts, and learn how to to truly create a living and career off of it.

The entertainment industry is an incredibly tough industry that will wear you down, which is why most people end up throwing in the towel. And the truth of the matter is that time is of the essence, and if you are doing the same thing over and over again and not getting the results you are looking for, it’s time to make a change. I have experienced and seen the number of years that go by from just trial and error trying to figure it out on your own, which is why I love mentoring actors on saving time and money and making SMART choices that will help them reach their goals faster, save time and money and build their career. Instead of sitting in class all day long and telling yourself, “One day…”

I love sharing my strategies, as I have experienced first hand what it’s like to take every workshop and class in town and continuously question… “What is it that I’m not doing?! Am I going to continue spinning my wheels?!” I want to help eliminate those time-sucking thoughts and habits and really hone in on what’s going to be the biggest pay off for you and your career and save you a ton of time and money along the way. 

There is nothing better than hearing from one of my clients that they booked another TV show, or commercial, or finally were able to break their plateau and uplevel their career.

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Author of the Hollywood Survival Guide For Actors and working actress, Kym covers the broad strokes on all areas of acting as a business.  Based in Hollywood

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When he's not traveling the US as a speaker for SAG-AFTRA on social media marketing, Ben can be seen in shows like Grimm and Monsters of God. Ben specializes in mindset work, the business and financial side of the industry, social media, networking, and working as a local hire actor.  Based in Mid-City.

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