Auditions For Kids

On the following sites, professional and amateur acting auditions for kids are listed for projects that encourage child actors and their parents to submit themselves. There are always many short films, webisodes, and lower budget feature film auditions listed. Do not submit on ANY projects if you are unable to attend the audition.

Especially not if you and your kids are outside of LA or overseas without a USA work visa.

Now Casting is an online casting service on which auditions for kids in a number of independent projects are listed. The site also lists some bigger budget film and TV auditions for kids and adults. I obtained the majority of my auditions when I first came to LA through this site.

LA Casting has many commercial auditions for kids, indie film auditions and TV series auditions.  Just be aware, it costs money every time you change your main profile photo or add additional photos. Commercial actors are all expected to have active profiles on this site so their representation can submit them on the listed projects.

Backstage lists auditions for kids in LA and is mostly used by independent filmmakers who aren’t using a CD to cast their project. The ‘Backstage West’ section of the website lists projects on the ‘West Coast’ (California).

Let It Cast is an audition submission website that allows you to tape and upload your own auditions for roles that match your type.

CAZT is an audition facility that gives casting directors free space to run audition sessions. In return, they enable actors with memberships to watch and share auditions and upload a replacement audition if they aren’t happy with it. The CAZT website also lists auditions for kids in projects casting at the facility. The Hollywood Survival Guide is on sale at the CAZT front desk.

Discussed in the commercial section of the Hollywood Survival Guide, Casting Frontier allows actors to self-submit on commercial and print audition.