What is Drama School?

The term ‘drama school’ is a reference to a fully immersive university or conservatory program in which the actors are attending school full time for several years.  Most of the more reputable drama schools are affiliated with a university or college.  At the end of your time at drama school, you should have a degree or diploma to commemorate your studies. 

Should I go to Drama School?

Studying acting for two or three years full time is how many of the top actors began their careers. These schools provide you with the foundation training and experience vital to an actors tool kit, and give you a starting point for your resume.

Formal training shows industry professionals you intend to take this career seriously and understand the importance of studying your craft. It should also provide you with fundamental skills that will serve you in crafting characters and scenes for the rest of your career.

Find the most highly regarded schools in your country or State and apply for them first. While it is not imperative that you go to a top school, if you have to go somewhere for three years, it might aswell be the best.