Dylan Ramsey  


As the producer and writer of several projects, including the recently released award-winning film 'Extinction' and upcoming TV comedy pilot 'Cyber One', Dylan is acutely aware of what content creators are looking for in an audition. His fourteen years in Hollywood have enabled him to study with many of the top teachers, and he applies that knowledge when helping you deliver your best possible performance while putting together a tape.

As an actor, Dylan has been described as a walking melting pot of characters for stage and screen. Assuming roles as varied as his background, he has made his mark with his iconoclastic compelling character shadings in performances ranging from a crazed suicide bomber on FX's "Nip/Tuck" to a wise-cracking vulnerable male cross-dressing prostitute, with a sensitivity that gives life to the role, in HBO's "Donny & Ginger". His latest works include FOX’s franchise hit series "24:Legacy" and on stage as Gabe in the sold out run of the Pulitzer Prize winning play "Dinner with Friends".

"When it comes to self-tapes and coaching, I try work with the actor, to help bring out their confidence while dissecting the script/role and include environmental additions that are applicable. My most recent client had their first series regular pilot audition, and they were able to get to next round!"

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