How To Become a Celebrity - Should I Get Famous In my Hometown Before I Move To Hollywood?

The answer is completely dependent on where you are from, your connections, and where you are at in your career.

Firstly, if your hometown or country does not have a lot of film or TV production taking place, there’s no point in staying around to fight over the scraps. If the place you are hesitant to leave has a strong film and TV industry, staying to build credits may be a viable option.

Here’s where problems arise for actors who are not regularly auditioning for the top jobs in their area: All casting directors have a pool of actors they already trust large enough to give the director several solid options for most roles. In LA, actors are often busy on other jobs and TV shows are unable to reuse actors, so CDs are forced to find new talent.  That’s how to become a celebrity – find one of these roles and excel at it.

In smaller markets, the top tier of the acting talent pool vastly outnumbers the quantity of roles available, which means CDs often give most of the available audition spots to actors with whom they already have relationships.

Unfortunately, this means there are not a huge number of audition spots left for newcomers. It is not the CD or the agent’s fault; in smaller markets there is just not enough work to go around.

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