How to Become an Actor

Which actors most frequently book work in LA?  The talented ones?  The passionate ones?  The attractive ones? Absolutely. However, there are many talented, passionate, attractive actors here. The actors who are hired repeatedly are also methodical, consistent, diligent, confident, and professional.

It’s often said that the key turning point for most actors in LA is three years. I agree. Allowing a year for visa and Greencard paperwork, let’s increase that number to four years for most international actors. Furthermore, it seems to have taken most working actors an additional three or four years before they were able to support themselves financially from acting alone.

Eight years is a long time. How old are you now? How old will you be then? I’m not saying you’ll be famous in eight years, or even rich. I’m saying that if you are a talented and consistently proactive actor, four years from the day you arrive in LA is when you will probably have solid mid-level representation, be on the radar of the ‘CDs’ (casting directors), and frequently doing union auditions. I’m saying that eight years from the day you arrive in LA, with the help of the advice contained within this book, you might just be a working actor. It also takes a whole lot of luck.

If after reading all of this, you are still interested in working professionally as an actor (trust me, it's awesome), I have some news for you.  There are literally hundreds of detailed steps you need to take to get started.  They won't all fit on a web page.  That's why I wrote this book.  

The Hollywood Survival Guide, with a 5 star rating on is a comprehensive text book written by a working actress and MENSA member.  It will change your life by showing you how to get started in the very big and scary industry that is acting in film and television.