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Energy. Intention. Service. Value. Product. Goal. 

The more clarity you have on these the better the headshot you will take, and the more you will book. Clarity on your side, gives the casting director clarity on theirs.

These different elements are what we are going to go through on your coaching call. To clarify your energy, how you are of service too and provide value too a production. What your product is, and does that product correlate to what you are able to bring to the table as an actor? Define what your images are selling about you to the casting director and those in the casting room.

From this call you will get these elements to be able to walk into a shoot, get 3 different clear products that you offer to a production and the understandings of what those products are to be able to clarify your energy to translate those products (characters) to your headshot, so the product (character or energy) you are in the photo, is what walks into the room.

Ian Bailey is media creator and story teller thats uses transformational leadership tools to create captivating media that helps people sell products. Having shot with people such as Angela Basset, Miley Cyrus, Kelly Slater, Mira Sorvino, Paris Hilton as well as philanthropy projects such as The Los Angeles Mission and Voices 4 Freedom. His most recent Exhibition "Indias Silent Revolution" was shown at Brewery Art Walk, Gibson Showroom and the W Hotel Brentwood and raised $50,000 Dollars to free people from bonded labour slavery in India. He believe that discipline of thought, emotion, speech and action in service towards what you value will bring you prosperity.

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