Ready To Make Your Dream Of Acting In Hollywood A Reality?

The Hollywood’s Guide Coaching Program provides one-on-one business coaching and mentorship from legitimate, current industry professionals with a money back guarantee. Your trusted mentor will help you get meetings with real representation, network with filmmakers, and audition for paid acting work in films and TV series.


  • Get more legitimate auditions for network TV and studio films

  • Master networking - both in person and online - even if you’re shy or introverted

  • Get your headshots, demo and resume looking amazing

  • How to meet with real representation without looking cheesy or using ‘gimmicks’

  • Fix your subconscious blocks that might be sabotaging you by causing procrastination or laziness

  • Learn hundreds of little known industry secrets that will get your work in front of top casting directors

  • Coaches who are currently working actors, filmmakers, and screenwriters in Hollywood at a network TV and studio film level

Hollywood can feel overwhelming.  I know.. I live here.  Years ago, I used to ask anyone who would listen:

  • Why aren’t agents and managers writing back to my emails?

  • I work so hard why aren't I getting anywhere?

  • I listen to advice from people - why doesn’t it seem to work?

  • What’s the point of going to class if I never get any auditions?

  • Am I wasting my time?

Warner Bros 'Something Borrowed' premiere at The Mann's Chinese Theater   INSTAGRAM  -  TWITTER  -  IMDB

Warner Bros 'Something Borrowed' premiere at The Mann's Chinese Theater


I’m the author of The Hollywood Survival Guide (see my IMDb). In my twenties, I didn’t have a business coach - or any real guidance in my acting career.  It took me four years working hard (not smart) in LA before I got my first paid acting job.  I moved here at twenty-two and didn’t work professionally until I was twenty-six.  I couldn't live off acting income until I was thirty.  It took me eight years making mistake after mistake and wasting so much of my time trying to ‘learn the ropes’.  It just seemed like there were so many rules and opinions and things to do and it felt so overwhelming... it was impossible to cut through all of the noise.  I didn’t have resources to learn the business stuff and I just wanted to act.  

I sent hundreds of letters to agents that were never replied to.  Drove around every day doing 5-15 ‘drop offs’ that rarely resulted in an audition.  I lived in a basement storage room because I had so little money.  

So many actors face the same challenges I faced.


How old will you be in eight years?  Do you have clear strategies in place to achieve your goals? 

...Or are you walking in circles just to feel like you're moving? 

Over many years, I researched and gathered the right information and strategies… I worked hard, all the time… went to around 250 casting workshops (five a week!) to learn the industry.  I stuck with it and my thirties have been the best years of my career.  I filmed seven Network/Cable TV series episodes and two feature films in the past two years (IMDb).  Finally! 

'Anchorman 2' premiere at Fox Studios in Sydney, Australia   INSTAGRAM  -  TWITTER  -  IMDB

'Anchorman 2' premiere at Fox Studios in Sydney, Australia


But I often wonder… what if I’d had clear guidance sooner?

What if I hadn’t wasted so much time trying to figure it all out by myself?  Feeling so overwhelmed…  Listening to people who didn’t know what they were talking about… Who weren’t even earning their money from acting? 

Where would I be by now if I hadn’t been so lost back then? 

And that is what I am offering you.  The chance to know now what I wish I knew then.  


For a small monthly fee, you can work regularly, one-on-one with me or your choice of any of our professional business of acting coaches, all of whom are current, paid working actors, producers, photographers, filmmakers, or writers in Hollywood.  They are all of the highest level of business skill and acumen in the industry. 

You will accelerate in your career more quickly than you could have imagined.  You will gain knowledge and insider industry secrets that it took myself and the other coaches over a decade to learn.  

You will not feel lost anymore.  


And as long as your craft is solid, and you stick with it... you will get work.  

Apply here for life-changing business coaching for your acting career - with a money back guarantee: 

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How do I know this?  Who am I to teach this stuff?  Well… 

Kym is a member of The Television Academy (Emmy Nominating Committee), SAG-AFTRA, American MENSA, a speaker and committee member for the SAG-AFTRA Conservatory, a business coach, and a busy working actress (see IMDB) with over thirty SAG-AFTRA feature film and TV credits in the past five years. 

Last year, Kym played principal performer roles on This Is Us, American Crime Story, NCIS, ABC's Ten Days in The Valley, and BET show, Rebel along with feature films: Wish Man and zombie comedy Eat, Brains, Love.  Her latest feature Your Own Road premiered at the LA Film Festival in June, and she plays the main antagonist in The Good Nanny, which is currently screening on Lifetime TV. 

As Seen In... 

Below is a little video so you can get to know me and my style a little better - I don't do cheesy or gimmicky... just honest, proven strategies to get you in more big rooms. 

...from someone who has been both where you are and where you want to be.