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Jacqui Lynn Phung 


Jacqui is a stand-up comedian, actress, writer/producer, casting assistant and an EXPERT PITCHER. 

Before Jacqui got involved in the entertainment industry, she worked 10+ yrs in sales and marketing where she perfected her pitching skills. Once she made the switch to acting, she learned that she could use her expert pitching skills and marketing background to create opportunities for herself. Jacqui went from 10 auditions in 2015 to 52 auditions in 2016 to 85 auditions in 2017! She went from having one manager to securing 7 talent agents in multiple markets!

With numbers like that, she’s been helping other actors with their marketing and making that OH SO SCARY phone pitches to casting offices, producers, directors and agents/managers to get their foot into the audition room and securing representation meetings.

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