Producing & Writing Mentorship with Jenna Mattison

Successful professionals in every industry hire coaches... trusted mentors who share how things work and guide them in the right direction.  One wrong piece of advice or misinformation and months or years can be lost in missed opportunities and wasted time. 


Producer / writer / director, Jenna Mattison (For The Love Of Money, The Third Wish) 

Producer / writer / director, Jenna Mattison (For The Love Of Money, The Third Wish) 

I'm Kym Jackson, author of The Hollywood Survival Guide For Actors, and I'd like to introduce you to one of the most exceptional human beings I know.  I am also lucky enough to say that this powerhouse of a woman is one of my absolute best friends. 

Throughout the twelve years since I moved to LA, Jenna Mattison has been my mentor and guide in almost every well-placed step that I have taken, both in life and in my career.  She is an absolute fountain of knowledge and experience and one of the most caring, nurturing kick ass chicks I've ever met. 

She has written and produced six feature films, is in the late stages of development on several shows she has created, and has been through, dealt with, survived and learned from almost every possible scenario and obstacle a person in the writing / producing world can tackle.  She moves past challenges with firm unwavering strength, yet somehow always with a delicate finesse that only Jenna can do. 

If you are at absolutely any stage in your writing, producing, directing, acting or content creation career, I swear to you this woman will absolutely change the course of your life and give you the tools you need to be abundantly successful in the pursuit of your dreams.  

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Jenna Mattison is...

...a critically acclaimed screenwriter, filmmaker and bestselling novelist with her screenwriting work displayed at the Academy Of Motion Pictures Library Core Collection. Her films FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY (James Caan, Paul Sorvino, Jeffrey Tambor), FISH WITHOUT A BICYCLE (Bryan Austin Green), THE THIRD WISH (Betty White, Armand Assante) & COMMITTED are available worldwide. Look for her most recent movies GRIDLOCKED (Danny Glover, Stephen Lang, Dominic Purcell) and THE SOUND (Rose Mc Gowan, Christopher Lloyd) the later of which she directed, wrote and produced alongside the producer of THE RING franchise which will be released in theaters by MGM in 2017.

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She is currently in development on her TV series being produced by Imprint Entertainment (TWILIGHT Movies), Lou Fusaro (Ray Donavan, Californication) and directed by David Von Anken (Hell On Wheels) set in New Mexico, Navajo Country. A second series WAKE is in development at SONY. She is in preproduction on HOOKED UP a horror franchise she is producing with the producers of THE BLAIR WITCH and the writer of the SAW movie franchise. Her motivational and career guidance articles have been published in Filmmaker Magazine, Backstage and the bestselling Chicken Soup For The Soul book series among others. She has lived all over the world but currently resides in the hills of Los Angeles with her husband TV actor Richard Gunn.

She truly enjoys career coaching and looks forward to sharing tricks of the screenwriting & producing side of the business as well as insight on what draws producers to actors in a casting room or on tape scenario. Her sessions may also include script coverage and on tape audition feedback.

What Do You Mean.. Mentorship?

The mentorship entails one-on-one monthly business coaching sessions for producers and writers at every level.  You will meet with Jenna via Skype or in person for a minimum of three months, and up to one year.  I limit this to eight actors per month (two maximum per week) to ensure clear focus on each professional.