Mind Power Technology

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Mind Power Technology (Mind PT) is a simple yet effective neuroscience based app that flashes 200 positively primed statements, and 800 images in front of your eyes at any speed you choose.  I play my app at speed 10 - which takes 2.5 minutes - around three times a day.  

This thing is like a vision board or a dream board on caffeine.  If you think having 20 photos of what you want stuck on your wall can bring things to you (it totally can), just imagine what watching 800 images of your dream life alongside 200 affirmations three times a day will manifest?  Law of attraction on overdrive.  I can't even tell you guys how fast I've been RUNNING in my life for the past 2 years to keep up with all the amazing, life changing stuff that has been flowing to me since I got this app. 

An initial pilot study showed that after watching a single positive Mind PT Session, subjects reported an 11% increase in experiencing an entire positive day, as opposed to subjects who watched a similar, negative test session. These statistics indicate that a three minute positive session viewed in the morning will likely impact the emotional trajectory of an entire day.  

Improving Performance - By Kym Jackson

I came across Mind PT in September of 2016 and immediately bought the MegaBundle of 30 sessions (below). I got a little obsessive and started watching the "Financial Success and Freedom" and "Romance and Intimacy" sessions four or five times a day.  

Within three days I removed myself from a year-long dead-end romantic relationship and money started flowing in from really odd places.  Within six weeks, I had met an amazing new man, my monthly passive/base income had tripled, and I had been offered a Mar Vista film, a cable TV series, and a long dreamt of 'looping' session on a network TV show.  

I quickly contacted Kim Serafini, the creator, begging her to train me in positive priming neuroscience so I could collaborate with her on a series of sessions specifically for actors and performers.  This first one is, I believe, the most important... designed to calm your nerves before auditions. 

Watching "Improving performance" before auditions or big meetings will help you to calm your nerves, relax, and feel confident walking into the room.  This technology has been proven to reduce adrenaline and cortisol and increase production of dopamine and serotonin.  The freedom that comes with walking into an audition with a clear head and calm nerves is beyond compare.  I strongly recommend you give it a go, today.

Also it's usually priced at $47 - but all the links on this page will take you to the sale offer at $19.95.  Because: love and hugs.