Modelling Jobs

Commercial agencies often have modelling departments, and modelling agencies often have commercial departments, so if you can find one that does both, it will allow you the freedom to get started on both your modelling jobs and acting career at once.

A great way to get extra cash on the side while pursuing your acting career is to do a few modelling jobs. Modelling jobs are sourced through your modelling agency, but the type of audition will depend on the style of modelling you are interested in doing. 

Modelling jobs can be separated into several categories: 

  • Promotional Modelling
  • Photographic Modelling
  • Runway Modelling
  • Body Part Modelling
  • Commercials   

You can contact each modelling agency via the submissions / new talent instructions on their websites.  Agents are always looking for fresh faces and there’s no reason not to reach out to as many agencies as you are able to, simply to have more options when it comes time to take meetings.

 As a model, one fantastic asset you will accumulate to aid your acting career is a portfolio of professionally shot photos to establish and maintain a strong social media following.   This will be endlessly helpful as a solid social media following is one of the top things filmmakers and casting people take into account outside of credits and talent.

 In order to get started in the acting world, you’ll need to learn about how the acting industry works.  The Hollywood Survival Guide contains information to get you started from scratch, all the way to becoming a fully-fledged working actor.