Removing The Subconscious Beliefs Holding You Back

In this three hour seminar, working actress, career coach, author, and MENSA member Kym Jackson, will share a variety of proven tools to enable you to recognize, locate, and clear blocks from your past and present that are standing in the way of your success.

Procrastination, anxiety, lack of money or love, spending time with negative people, feeling unworthy, clutter, poor posture, and fear of taking chances are all products of past experiences or influences that your subconscious has not yet dealt with.  These blocks are preventing you from growing, moving forward in your life, and reaching your full potential.  

When your blocks are removed, life moves forward with ease, opportunities flow to you and you feel light.  The right people show up, you find yourself perpetually in the right place at the right time, money is in abundance, and life starts feeling just… easy.

Join Kym, and give yourself a chance at a fresh start.  Clear your mind and your life so you can become the best version of you and finally live the life of your dreams.   

Testimonials From Kyms 2016 Talks with AFI and SAG-AFTRA Conservatory

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Barbara Dior

"Kym is really a shining, amazing being full of love and light.  She truly wants the best for everybody.  She is amazing.  So grateful for her!"

(actress / audience member - Kym's talk on Removing Subconscious Beliefs in Hollywood, 2016)

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Fernando Kojin

"Kym is very authentic, real, humble, and has a great smile and presence.  The most amazing thing is that she "walks her talk" she teaches and talks about what she is living."

(life coach / audience member - Kym's talk via SAG-AFTRA conservatory, 2016)

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Tyreese Burnette

"Kym Jackson is a breath of fresh air to the actor who is stuck with limited thoughts about their careers. She invites, challenges, and equips seekers to renew their dreams with confidence."  

(actor / audience member - Kym's talk at AFI, 2016)