Congratulations on being invited into the Star Now sponsored mentorship program!  I'm Kym Jackson, author of 'The Hollywood Survival Guide For Actors'.  I'm currently recurring on two TV shows in Hollywood (yay!) - as Margaret on Rob Schneider's Netflix show Real Rob and as Nessa Shapiro in A&E's new show 'The Infamous', which will go to series in August 2016.  I also play the lead female role in the Studio Canal film 'Worry Dolls', which will be in theatres in the UK June 20th!

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In just this one session, we will be able to accurately identify several areas in which you can improve your career and gain more auditions.  We will swiftly analyse and find improvements for your networking strategies, materials, and figure out what may be holding you back in your acting career.  There is a business side to this craft, and I have spent years studying it closely. 

If you are invited to join to the longer term (3-12 months) program [I've created 5 new spots just for this comp], you will be working with me, directly, every few weeks, in one-on-one Skype sessions in which we will analyse every aspect of your career and implement specific strategies each month to ensure you swiftly achieve your short and long term goals for your life as an actor. 

I am only interested in sculpting and accelerating the careers of focused actors who are eager to move their career to the next level, fast.  To succeed as an actor, you must be prepared to work hard for your acting and keep a positive attitude.  If not please do not book a session.  If you join, you must complete our homework before each session.  There's no need to waste either my time or your money. ;)

The advice I give works.  I am working and auditioning constantly as an actor (see IMDb).  My selected pool of amazing actors are getting phenomenal representation, attending huge auditions, and booking work very quickly after they begin their time with me.  

If you are serious about moving to the next level in your acting career, click on the "Skype - 1 Hour" session below and remember to enter the STAR45 coupon code at checkout.  I can't wait to work with you!! :)

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