"This is unquestionably the most comprehensive, applicable, vital resource for actors I have ever seen" -Jon Cohen, Director

Industry Opinions

"This book would be invaluable to any actor living in LA."

"Self image, self belief and unwavering faith in yourself is the most powerful Hollywood tool imaginable... along with The Hollywood Survival Guide, of course!"

"Every actor should read this book, whether they’re moving to LA, or working in Australia."

-Peter Cornwell (Director: Haunting In Connecticut, Ward 13)

“This book is now on the BFA (Acting) textbook list[...] Kym Jackson’s grasp of what young actors want is very real and very timely."

-Dianne Eden (Head of Acting: Queensland University of Technology)

"The Hollywood Survival Guide explains everything filmmakers wish actors knew about the film industry."

-Laura Sivis (Producer: Our Lips are Sealed, Shadows from the Sky)

“What a veritable FEAST of information! It would take years to gather this together and Kym has done it - all now in the palm of (hopefully) thousands of people’s hands.”

-Dean Carey (Creative and Founding Director: Actors Centre Australia)

Reader Opinions

I absolutely loved it. You made it so simple to understand the do’s and dont’s in Hollywood and everything you need to prepare yourself. I can’t wait to make my journey and I’ll have you to thank.
— Kaetlyn Winning (Actress)
“I just wanted to tell you that I think the hollywood survival guide is fantastic. I haven’t yet made the trip to the US but I have found the book an invaluable resource for when I do decide to make the move. I hope every actor wanting to head to LA buys it as I’m sure they will find it as informative as I do… Regardless, I just wanted to let you know I think you have done a fantastic job.”
— Millie Heywood-Morris (actress)
“I found your book to be an honest, insightful, eye opening account of what an actor will face once in the land of Hollywood. I purchased it as a parent of an aspiring actress so as to ascertain what is actually possible, so to read about what would lie ahead of someone trying their luck is invaluable. Thanks so much for putting it all together in one handy guide.”
— Vicki O'Neill (Mum)
I just wanted to genuinely say thank you for writing your “Hollywood survival guide” book. I can’t begin to explain how pivotal that book has been for me the last 7-8 months. I truly believe I wouldn’t have had the guts, or at least the know how, to make a move to LA. I’m now here, have a manager, and am following the dream. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, being honest and brave, and helping those who have come here after you. I refer to your book constantly and will continue to do so.
— John-Paul Pace - Actor
“I have just read this fantastic book. I found it a great resource with tips not found in other similar books and highly recommend it. I have been sent many acting books over the years while running Dare2Audition, but I honestly couldn’t put this one down it covers topics that are so important, yet not usually covered. This book is not only a must have for aspiring actors venturing to the USA, it also is a wealth of industry info for all actors.”
— Helen Edwards (CEO – Dare2Audition)
“I really liked it, so many useful tips! And in some areas more detailed then other books I read! Like what Co-star, Guest Star, etc all means I never knew actually before especially for me in a second language I always wondered. Now I know, thanks!”
— Anja Meyer - Actress
“Thanks to you hundreds of actors will be far better equipped on their journey.”
— Sandra P Galvin (Actress: Underbelly)
Hey Kym wanted to write to you and thank you for your book. I read it on the plane over here a year ago and it was invaluable to getting up and running in the US. I have gone from a tourist visa to an O1, signing with an agent and producing a web series for my SAG card which is now turning into an ongoing thing(...) Your book has translated well to the market here. Thought you might like to know that you’re having a good influence on people making the trip, very cool. Thanks a million, Luke
— Luke Anthony (Actor)
“LOVED LOVED the book! Heaps of helpful hints in there for budding actors - even just if your traveling through like I am later in the year. I’m super stoked I got to read this book, thank you so much!”
— Trudi Weigand (Actress)
“Loved the book so much I am buying another one to give to my friend for her birthday. Great work!”
— -Lulu McClatchy (Actress: Not Suitable For Children, Neighbours)
“The book itself has been giving me that extra nudge in the right direction since I’ve started reading it, so thank you for the time you’re giving to pass on your knowledge and make my future seem much simpler!”
— Sarah Moon (Actress)
I bought your book a few months ago and it really has inspired me to start my action plan to get to LA. I have got my other acting friends to buy your book because it is such an amazing help.
— Carmel Rose (Actress)
I’m a member of Sara Coopers academy and I just finished reading your book and wanted to thank you so much for coming to Tasmania, I’m glad we could repay you with a role. I wish I had come and met you personally. Your book motivated me and helped me in a very shut-in place with my acting ambition. Thank you for the wonderful book and the great personality that came with it. I will be looking for you and your works in years to come. Good luck Kym
— Byron Rowan Smith (Actor)
Your book is invaluable and a very generous offering in an industry full of ‘me me me’.
— Luke Anthony (Actor)
I think its fantastic!
— Aisha AK (Women in Film)
I really appreciated your book (I have the Kindle version). I’m moving to LA in two weeks and have gone back to your info a number of times in helping me figure things out.
— Dan Weale (Actor)
I thought this book was a really valuable tool for actors working in both the Australian and US markets. Its a really practical guide with an in depth insight into how the industry works with lots of secrets you wouldn’t have known before! It is particularly useful I found as a recent graduate from a drama school of how to get started in the industry and how to get yourself out there using a step-by-step guide. It also provides the do’s and don’ts which is a really handy thing to include. I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about this industry.
— Emma Barnes (Actress)
The text is very motivational and focuses on realistic choices one must make in order to advance the path of a dream ... we truly will take information out of this book and use it… so thank you Kym Jackson. :)
— Josh and Nicholas Larkin (Actors)
I can’t believe the amount of information you’ve been able to squeeze in just 350 pages!
— Miranda Lindtner-King (Hunter Valley Actors Centre)
Before venturing across from Australia to LA last year I purchased a copy of The Hollywood Survival Guide by Kym Jackson. Only planning to be in the states for a short time I wanted to make sure I made good use of the time spent there. The book gave me great insight into how the industry over there worked which is significantly different to here in Australia, handy tips on what I would need to take across to show my Australian work and more importantly how to network. I’m pleased to say this book taught me things I didn’t know with 15 years of experience in the industry and helped me to land a job my first day in LA! I’m now back in Australia and planning a trip to head back at the end of the year. I would highly recommend this book to any actor, as like me, I’m sure you’ll find it a worthy purchase and help make the most of your adventure.
— Glenn Millanta (Actor)
Hello Kym, You dont know me but I just received “The Hollywood Survival Guide for Actors” through the mail on Saturday, 4/11, after ordering it on Amazon. I must say that I have not been able to put it down! I have been acting for 7 years with the one and only goal of becoming a working actor and never realized how hard it is to get some direction on what to do first, or second, or third. When your book showed up I felt like I was at a stand still. I want to get out of Baltimore and take my talents to LA but didnt know where to start. No one ever told me that trying to get help can sometimes be like pulling teeth, or even worst, trying to get information on auditioning in LA is almost like a secret society. Your book is now my new acting bible! I take it everywhere! I am adjsuting my resume. Updating my headshot, and have added myself to Jeremy Gordon’s Facebook groups and follow him on Twitter. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Stay on the lookout for me. This book just changed the game!
— A'lesia Roy (Actress)