The Hollywood Survival Guide for Actors is the only book that reveals all of the industry secrets and strategies for getting hired as a paid actor in the film and television industry today. 

Each copy comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Kym is a member of The Television Academy (Emmy Nominating Committee), American MENSA, a speaker and committee member for the SAG-AFTRA Conservatory, an elected SAG-AFTRA Convention Delegate, and a busy working actress (see IMDB) with over thirty SAG-AFTRA feature film and TV credits in the past five years. 

Kym recently wrapped shooting the series regular role of Queen Neela in ABC Networks 2019 pilot ‘Triangle’ alongside Mike Vogel and Mallory Jansen. She has also played roles on This Is Us, American Crime Story, NCIS, ABC's Ten Days in The Valley, and BET show, Rebel. Her latest feature film ‘Wishman’ recently screened at both Cannes and Toronto film festivals. 

In late 2019, Kym also founded the incredible actor education site:

With over 1000 educational videos from the top actor mentors and business coaches in Hollywood that answer every question you’ve ever had about working as an actor in film and TV.

A Note From Kym...

I've been in Hollywood working as an actress since 2004, and I promise you, it is not easy... but it is absolutely worth the struggle. 

The toughest part for me was the first five years. I wasted a ton of opportunities, time, and money paying for the wrong classes, going to the wrong events, and using the wrong strategies because at the time, I didn't understand how the business of Hollywood really works. 

I invite you for a moment to think of all the things you would have done (or wouldn't have done) a year ago, or even just a month ago, if only you had known then what you know now. 

Now consider that inside this text are literally hundreds of pieces of vital insider information and advice that have taken me over a decade to learn.  For me, most of those lessons came AFTER I really needed to know them - usually from making a costly mistake that could have been avoided if only someone had shared this knowledge with me.

In Hollywood, I've worked in casting, production, post-production, development, distribution, writing, workshops, and worked hundreds of days on film and TV sets as a professional actress.  I learned something new every day, and I've worked hard to share that entire wealth of knowledge in The Hollywood Survival Guide in the hope that it will save you from wasting those same years I did, and make your journey a little easier than mine.  

I spent hundreds of hours meeting with over two hundred casting directors, directors, producers, celebrities, studio executives, managers and agents.  I asked them every question any actor could possibly need to know about how to have a successful career as a working actor in Hollywood.  

Each chapter of this book was edited by several experienced Hollywood industry members in the relevant field to ensure every word was valuable, accurate and applicable in the industry today. 

The hard truth is: Hollywood is a ruthless business in which only the most prepared, informed, hard working, and connected survive.  You simply do not have time to learn all of this through trial and error like I did.  If you want to succeed in Hollywood, you must know how it works. Top to bottom, inside out. 

I want you to quickly and easily learn the business knowledge you need, so you have the freedom to just focus on what you love: the craft... the characters... the fun of it all... the acting. 

Oh - and how to choose which one?  Simple... if you're Aussie, get the Aussie one.  If not... get the not Aussie one.  Rocket surgery, right? ;)

Ps: I've added a video below so you can get to know me a little better.. I hope you like it :)